Five Frugal, DIY, Stress-Relieving Beauty Products

Five Frugal, DIY, Stress-Relieving Beauty Products

In today's world, we're so pressured with responsibilities - work, personal life, community activities - we often get tied up in physical and mental knots. Plus, the simple fact that money is tight for everyone these days has made getting through an average day harder than ever.

While we may not be able to lighten your packed schedule, we might be able to help stretch that dollar of yours - while you get some much needed TLC. How? You might be surprised to learn that some of the best beauty aids around are already in your home. Check out our five simple, money-saving tips that can add up to healthful, stress-relieving "you" time.

1. Exfoliating with a sugar scrub feels quite luxurious, but the boutique brands can be super pricey. No worries - you can easily make your own. Combine a paste of sugar with baby oil - or olive oil for an even more delicious feel and scrub away at your legs, elbows, thighs and tush. Your skin will glow. To heighten the spa experience, add a couple of drops of an essential oil or extract to scent the scrub. Ahhhhhh.

2. The salt glow is another spa standard that you can duplicate at home. Combine equal parts Epsom salt and a coarse sea salt with baby oil or olive oil. Up the diva quotient with a yummy scent like sweet almond oil or lavender if you just need to chill out. Scrub away the flakes and dead skin, then rinse with plenty of warm water.

3. Tired of paying five bucks a jar for your favorite upscale lip wax? Sweeten your kisser with the tiniest dab of honey instead. It acts as a humectant, promoting moisture-retention, and it tastes great. For an extra moisturizing kick, puncture a Vitamin E capsule and add a drop or two to the honey.

4. Are your nails looking dingy from all that dark, vampy nail polish? Soak them in warm water with fresh lemon juice. The lemon will help lift stains.

5. You can also keep your nails sparkling with baking soda. Apply it to a nail brush and scrub away. It will not only make your nails look clean and bright, but it softens cuticles, too.


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