Baby Mama Sparked My False Labor

They say the last few weeks are the hardest and I couldn't agree more. Not only am I anxious about the delivery, I'm also going a little stir-crazy from staying at home so much. In an effort to boost my spirits (and get me out of the house), my dear husband treated me to dinner and a movie Friday night. No surprise: I was in the mood for a girlie movie and picked Baby Mama. On our way to the theater I joked that if my water broke during the movie, we might have to name our little one after Tina Fey or Amy Poehler (which would prove difficult considering I'm having a boy!).

As the movie began, I started to feel stronger and stronger menstrual-like cramps. Similar to the Braxton Hicks contractions I've been feeling off and on for the last month, these were much more urgent and painful. This was it: Labor had begun.

I knew we had lots of time until we would need to go to the hospital so I quietly thanked my baby for finally deciding it was time to join us on the outside, sat back, and enjoyed the movie. After the credits rolled, we excitedly returned home, packed our bags for the hospital, and settled in for the night. As the contractions increased in strength (a few of them were strong enough to take my breathe away), I emailed my Mom and closest friends saying that we would likely be heading to the hospital early in the morning and that they might want to plan on doing the same.

The next morning I woke up to... nothing. No water broke, no contractions contracted, nothing. During the night all of labor-like effects had subsided, and here I sit days later, and still nothing. Other than being a little embarrassed by my Chicken Little-like pronouncements that the big day had arrived, experiencing False or Pre-labor was not the worst thing in the world. At least now I know what to expect and I finally got around to packing my hospital bag!


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