Attention Moms: Enter to Win $30,000 from Huggies

I've got big news to share! Huggies is celebrating its 30th birthday in a very big way -- big as in a $30,000 sweepstakes prize. Why? Because Huggies loves moms and moms buy diapers. It's kind of a match made in heaven. In addition to the sweepstakes, they're also hosting a video contest, the winners of which will be featured in an upcoming National Ad Campaign. Simply make a 60-second video sharing your everyday journey as a mom, upload it to the Generation Huggies website, and you could be one of the 30 everyday moms the ad campaign features.
While you're on the Generation Huggies site, check out the other videos and vote for your favorites. If I end up submitting a video, please vote for mine ;)


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