5 Fabulous Products for Puffy Eyes
5 Fabulous Products for Puffy Eyes

5 Fabulous Products for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes happen—whether from a good cry, a bad cold or an overly salty meal. Here are five products to the rescue. 

Menopause & Aging Well

It's important to keep your eyes wide open (when you're awake, that is). But sometimes swelling and puffiness can make it look like you're half asleep, and who wants that?  

Instead of trying to convince people, "No, I'm really listening," or assuring them that contrary to popular consensus, you are certainly not nodding off, we've got some fixes.

For when you've been crying …

Sorry you're sad. But you can deal with the physical offshoot quickly, at least. You can roll with it with this First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller, which has a smooth, cooling metal roller ball that delivers caffeine and other goodies to depuff, revitalize and make it look as though you're really not that into him. 

For when you're getting on in years … 

Aging is a common cause of puffy eyes because fatty tissue that usually protects the eye inside the bony eye socket starts to push forward and fill in the spaces below the eye, resulting in dark circles and bags. Good Housekeeping has given this eye cream by Lancôme its best overall seal of approval, for its ability to treat dryness and increase firmness while sending your bags packing.

For when your eyes are dry … 

Tears help lubricate our eyes, but if you don't have enough of them, or if the ones you have are of poor quality, you can get dry eye, a condition that can also be caused by certain medications, medical or environmental conditions. Even long-term use of contact lenses can be the culprit. 

If your case is mild, you can fight it with over-the-counter artificial tear solutions, like these  from Systane. If you need something more powerful, consult with your ophthalmologist. Learn more about chronic dry eye

For when you have acute sinusitis

Usually caused by the common cold, this condition, when the areas inside your nose become swollen and inflamed, can cause pain, tenderness, pressure and swelling around your eyes.

This Thera Pearl Eye Mask from Bausch and Lomb does double duty by offering a choice of heat or cold to ease puffiness, bags, headaches and general discomfort. 

For when you shook the shaker too hard …

If you had a hefty helping of Applebee's Neighborhood Nachos (one of the saltiest restaurant meals on the planet), or even if you didn't, too much salt can make you retain water, leading to puffy fingers (good luck removing your ring) and eyelids, too. To debloat your body and eyes from sodium-overload, try eating potassium-rich foods (like bananas) which can help eliminate excess fluids from your body. Kiwi, papaya, ginger, peppermint, yogurt and fennel seeds can help as well, says Eating Well Magazine.  Psst, if you have some extra tea bags in the house, they make the perfect size for eye compresses, warm or cold. 


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