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Ashley Drake, PT, DPT

Ashley Drake, PT, DPT

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About The Expert

Ashley is a writer, blogger and physical therapist who has lived with undiagnosed chronic, widespread pain for over a decade. Her pain began primarily due to sports-related injuries but unfortunately the pain continued well after her injuries had healed.

In college, Ashley began having significant pain surrounding her tailbone that was debilitating and confusing as no injury had occurred. She continued to experience challenges many of those with chronic pain face including unclear or absent diagnoses and various ineffective treatments.

While training to become a physical therapist she learned about the field of pelvic floor physical therapy, a specialty area that treats various conditions related to the pelvis including pain, endometriosis, painful sex, and bowel and bladder issues, among many others. After seeking treatment from a pelvic floor physical therapist, Ashley finally began to find relief after years of living in significant pain. She is currently training to become a pelvic floor specialist so she can help others living with similar conditions.

In 2018, Ashley started her blog, The Chronic Lifestyle, with the goal of providing resources, support, and guidance for those living with a chronic illness.  She hopes to raise awareness for the growing but still underutilized field of pelvic floor physical therapy so that other women will be able to more efficiently seek treatment for their condition, to assure women that they are not alone, and to restore hope for a less painful future.

When she is not working, Ashley enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outdoors with her rescue dog, Cinnamon.