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Tuesday, Aug 18th 2015

Help Put an End to Fat-Shaming

authored by Elizabeth Battaglino, RN, CEO of HealthyWomen

How many times have you heard the "F word"?

How many times have you said the "F word"?

No, I'm not talking about that four-letter word that is used so often and makes some people cringe. I'm talking about that THREE-letter word that does the same thing:


As in, "You're fat. You need to lose some weight," or "She's so fat it's a wonder she can fit through the door."

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Monday, Jun 29th 2015

Conference on Aging: An Event Worth Watching

authored by Elizabeth Battaglino, RN, CEO of HealthyWomen

Some think of growing older with a sense of appreciation. They feel liberated, proud, vital—and even happier. They flourish. They get to spend more time with their families, travel more for pleasure and have more time to devote to hobbies, volunteer work or even starting a new career.

Yet others associate aging with the word "invisible." They think their opinions matter little; they feel cast aside and disparaged. They fear illness, disability and memory loss.

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Tuesday, Jun 02nd 2015

New Chronic Migraine Screening Tool Available to Help You Communicate Headache Symptoms and Their Impact

authored by Marcia Mangum Cronin

Do you have frequent headaches, so severe that they interfere with your work, school or other activities?1 Do you often take medications for your headaches?

If so, you may have chronic migraine and should talk to a specialist about your symptoms. Chronic migraine is a medical condition defined by 15 headache days per month, with each headache lasting four hours or more, and at least eight of those headache days being associated with migraine.2

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Wednesday, Apr 22nd 2015

Mother's Day: A History

authored by Elizabeth Battaglino, RN, CEO of HealthyWomen

We all know our moms are special, but Anna Jarvis wanted society as a whole to give moms their due. As a result, on the second Sunday in May, children around the country honor their moms in ways ranging from a simple homemade card to a weekend spa retreat.

Though we may celebrate in many ways—and we'd love to hear about your favorite Mother's Day tradition—Anna Jarvis preferred to keep it simple.

Mother's Day history

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Thursday, Dec 18th 2014

A Holiday Wish for Peace at Home

authored by Marcia Mangum Cronin

family and holiday conflicts

Songs about peace on earth resonate throughout the holidays—and a heart-warming thought it is—but many of us are just wishing for peace in our own families.

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Tuesday, Sep 16th 2014

Healthy Eating Amidst the Mess of Remodeling Our Kitchen

authored by Marcia Mangum Cronin

Anyone who's survived a kitchen remodeling knows it can feel like a war zone. And right now, I'm right in the middle of battle.

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Monday, Feb 03rd 2014

Talk to Your Children About Healthy Relationships

authored by Marcia Mangum Cronin

Not only do we at HealthyWomen believe in the importance of healthy bodies, we also like to promote healthy relationships—healthy relationships with ourselves, our partners, our friends and our families. And we believe it's important to teach our children about healthy relationships, both through what we say and what we do.

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Thursday, Oct 31st 2013

COPD Awareness Month: Know the Symptoms

Authored by John W. Walsh, President and Cofounder of the COPD Foundation

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Wednesday, Aug 07th 2013

Do You Have Your Emergency Aspirin?

This is a sponsored article from Bayer® Aspirin

In the movies, a heart attack is depicted as a dramatic moment—the person clutching his or her chest (usually his) and crying out in pain. In reality, women can suffer a heart attack without any chest pain. The experience might feel like extreme fatigue, pain in the back or jaw or light-headedness. With such apparently small symptoms, a life or death moment can be hard to spot.

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