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Tuesday, Jan 14th 2014

The Scoop on Taking Multivitamins

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Many of us wrestle with whether or not we should take a daily multivitamin. And recent news reports may have left some of us more undecided than ever. Here's the scoop on taking multivitamins from an interview with Duffy MacKay, ND, vice president of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Q. We're reading in the news that multivitamins are unnecessary; in fact, they may even cause harm.

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Monday, Jan 06th 2014

Feeling SAD?

authored by Sheryl Kraft

If there's one thing you can count on, it's the disorder that hits many of us at this time of the year. Holiday festivities are behind us, and winter looms with its colder temperatures and shorter days with limited (if any) hours of sunlight.

Feeling sad? You're not alone. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, severely affects an estimated 14 million American adults, while 33 million feel some degree of it. Yet, it's infrequently treated.

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Monday, Dec 30th 2013

Unhealthy Resolutions: More Easy Ways to Be Miserable

authored by Sheryl Kraft

The Christmas rush may be over, but before us looms a new year, and with that comes—what else?—resolutions. Most of us look for ways to improve our lives and get a fresh start at the new year, but if you prefer to revel in your misery, you may make some unhealthy resolutions.

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Tuesday, Dec 24th 2013

7 Easy Ways to Be Miserable, Part 1

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Ah, holiday time: it's easy to be stressed. The traffic is frightful. The drivers are distracted. The stores are jam-packed. The time goes too fast and is never enough to complete all that needs to be completed. Demands are high: gatherings, shopping, baking, scrubbing, entertaining and just plain ... coping.

Miserable yet?

As if that isn't enough, here are some other key ways to be miserable (with just one caveat: remember that you do have a choice).

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Tuesday, Dec 17th 2013

3 Health Headlines You May Have Missed

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Are you in the midst of holiday madness? Chances are you are. As a result, there are many things that go by the wayside, including keeping up with the latest important health headlines—or other news.

If you've missed some of the latest developments, here are a few important stories … just in case you're craving some health information or need something interesting to discuss at one of your upcoming holiday parties.

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Tuesday, Dec 10th 2013

Tea Time: An Easy Way to Improve Overall Health

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Maybe it's the snow outside.

Maybe it's the dipping temperatures.

But right about now I am craving a cup of hot, steaming … tea.

Yes, I'm a coffee drinker. I like coffee's taste. I like its texture. And Starbucks is one of my go-to meeting/working/socializing spots (my personal fave is a soy latte). But winter is also tea time.

There's just something about tea that conjures up thoughts of healing, soothing vibes.

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Monday, Dec 02nd 2013

10 Healthy Holiday Habits to Keep You on Track Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Raise your hand if you overindulged over Thanksgiving.

Does that mean you're throwing in the towel, figuring that the next few weeks leading up to Christmas are a lost cause and you'll get back on track with some serious New Year's resolutions?

OK, hands down. It's time to take back your health and stay on track with these healthy holiday habits.

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Tuesday, Nov 26th 2013

7 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Are you worried that Thanksgiving marks the start of an unhealthy month (or two)? Are you determined to make it different this year?

We've got some tips. While you might have heard some of these before, a reminder can only serve to help, don't you think?  Sometimes it takes a while before it actually clicks.

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Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013

Mediterranean-Style Diet and Midlife

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Apologies to those of you who like to maintain your childlike naiveté: By now, life has granted us the unique knowledge to know that certain things like Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and magical crystal balls don't exist.

Still, if someone told you that if you ate a certain way in midlife, you would be less likely to be without major limitations in both physical and mental health in your old age, what would you do?

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Wednesday, Nov 13th 2013

Brain Boosters

authored by Sheryl Kraft

Just recently, my husband gave some advice to his 83-year-old mother, who has been growing increasingly distressed over her mental acuity (or loss thereof). She is frequently forgetting things (like where she put her keys) as well as losing the ability to recall words mid-sentence.

"Play some games," he told her. "Crossword puzzles, word jumbles … stuff like that. Find something you like and spend a half-hour each morning. Make it like your homework."

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