womenTALK: Midlife Matters

Wednesday, Sep 26th 2012

Can Sleeping More Really Help You Lose Weight?

authored by Sheryl Kraft

No, it's not a dream: sleeping can help you lose weight. But the reasons may not all be as obvious as you think.

It's logical to think that sleeping more can help you have more energy the next day to work out. And a well-rested body is a more efficient one. Waking up refreshed might even rid you of the temptation to skip your morning workout, too.

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Friday, Sep 21st 2012

When is Fat Healthier Than Thin?

authored by Sally Jones

When the fat exercise, according to a study recently published in the European Heart Journal. And that is heartening news for those of us who regularly exercise, yet still struggle with our weight.

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Wednesday, Sep 05th 2012

Should You Ditch Your Eggs?

authored by Sheryl Kraft

A new study says eating egg yolks is almost as bad as cigarettes - but maybe not

It's all over the news: Eating eggs is almost as bad as smoking. Aside from the fact that you put both things in your mouth, what's the connection?

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Tuesday, Sep 04th 2012

Surviving the Empty Nest

authored by Marcia Mangum Cronin

My nest is undeniably, starkly empty. We've settled my younger daughter into her dorm room and bid farewell to my older one, who is in Germany for a semester abroad. My husband left for business in England just as the older daughter left. It's just me, the dog and the cat—and, undeniably, lots of tears.

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