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Have you been having a hard time getting pregnant? Trouble conceiving can be stressful on both you and your relationship—and the options can be confusing. Learn more about coping with infertility and the many reproductive technologies and specialists available to help. Get the information and support you need to make educated decisions.

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I'm 32 years old and have been diagnosed with endometriosis, which is interfering with my ability to get pregnant. I've been reading about the influence of free radicals in endometriosis. Can you explain what this is?

We've been trying to get pregnant for months now, but there is no passion left. How do we start enjoying sex again?

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understanding infertility

Approximately 7.3 12 percent of the reproductive-age population experience fertility problems and have difficulty achieving pregnancy. Are you one of them? Read our guide to understanding infertility and the available treatment options.

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