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Small lifestyle changes can go a long way in preventing heart disease and stroke, so learn more and start protecting yourself today. If you're living with heart disease, read up on management strategies, from who should be part of your medical team to treatment options to consider.
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3 Steps to Heart-Healthy Cooking

heart healthy eating - family sitting down to breakfastIn today's fast-paced world, more families are deciding to eat out or grab meals on the go. The problem? Full-service restaurant and fast-food meals tend to be higher in fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories than home-cooked meals, and the food portions are typically much larger than what your body needs. This fast-food trend has contributed to the growing obesity epidemic and helps reinforce unhealthy eating patterns. Preparing healthful meals at home is a key ingredient to promoting good heart health. The extra time it takes likely will be good for your health.

Finding the Time to Make Small Changes

Between work, carpools and errands, you may feel as though there's never any time to cook. But preparing simple meals at home doesn't need to be labor intensive. Cooking at home allows you to encourage healthy eating habits early on and to teach your children about foods and good nutrition, setting a foundation for healthy eating.

Remember, it's not just the foods you choose to have in your kitchen but the way you choose to prepare your meals that will help keep you and your family heart healthy. By making small changes in the way you and your family eat, you can reduce your risks for heart-related health problems.

A basic rule of thumb: Look for ways to cut down on saturated and total fat, cholesterol and calories.

Three Steps to Healthier Cooking