womenTALK 2011 survey

Good Relationship, So-So Sex Life? 3 Ways to Turn Up the Heat

Has sex become just another activity on your to-do list? If so, you’re not alone. Find out what other women are saying about sex, and get ideas for having more fun between the sheets.

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sexual self esteem - couple not together in bed

Your Sexual Self-Esteem

When you look into your partner's eyes, what do you see? Hopefully the answer is love, respect and support. Next, answer this question: Do you feel that you deserve those feelings?

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enhance sex life

Enhancing Your Sexual Experiences Through Your Five Senses

Touch is just one of your five senses. Get suggestions for incorporating hearing, sight, smell and taste into your sex life as well.

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reduce stress - couple talking

Stress Less for Better Sex

When you're lying awake at night worrying about juggling it all, the last thing you probably feel like doing is being intimate with your partner. Get 10 suggestions for reconnecting with your partner.

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intimacy - couple on a couch

Intimacy Without Intercourse

When sexual intercourse isn't possible, it doesn't mean you can't be intimate. Learn other sensual ways to enhance intimacy in your relationship.

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ask the expert

Like most other women I know, I'm a busy mom. Where and how do I find time for sex when I have so many distractions?

My partner and I have different views on sex because of our different backgrounds. Is there any way I can help my partner feel more comfortable discussing topics considered taboo?