Adopting a Child: Ensuring That You're Ready

There are some specific things that you and your partner should think about before making any serious commitment to adopt a child.

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young pregnant woman looking at her belly

For Expecting Mothers: Deciding Whether Adoption Is the Right Choice

If you're pregnant and not sure what to do, you may want to discuss the option of adoption.

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mother smiling at baby

A Healthy Start: Bonding With Your Adopted Baby

Bond with your adopted baby by holding, cuddling and talking to the baby—and be sure to make eye contact.

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young woman looking depressed

Post-Adoption Depressive Syndrome: It's Not Unusual to Feel Sad After an Adoption

Moms who adopt may struggle with post-adoption depressive syndrome (PADS), a depression similar to postpartum depression.

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Blair and her baby

Considering Surrogacy? Get the Answers You Need

If you're considering a surrogate pregnancy, find out about locating a surrogate mother, legal rights, surrogacy costs and more.

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