beauty & aging

9 Sunscreen Booby Traps to Avoid

Think you know how to protect yourself and your family from the sun's damaging rays? Think again. Get your facts straight so you—and your family—can safely enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

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Healthy Hair

7 Foods for Healthy Hair

What you eat may help your hair more than any hair product. Try these 7 food for healthy hair.

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two woman with healthy skin

Healthy Skin Dos and Don'ts

Protect your skin from free radicals.

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8 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

In honor of Foot Health Month, follow these simple steps to help your feet look and feel great just in time for sandal season

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Foods Rich in Antioxidants for Healthy Aging

Anti-aging tips don’t just involve special face creams, you can also eat to look younger.

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