your health

How to Keep Your Own Health Records

It's important to create and maintain your own personal health records, in case you're in an emergency situation.

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New Prescription? Do Your Homework First

Before filling that new prescription, do you homework.

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Me-Time Calendar - calendar

Me-Time Calendar

Can't seem to find any down time? Pencil in a date with yourself on our fun printable calendar.

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Preventive Health - female doctor

Preventive Health Screenings for Women

Be proactive about your health. Find out what medical appointments you should be making today.

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Women Exercise Routines - woman getting motivated for exercise

Motivate Yourself Past Exercise Blocks

6 tips for getting back in the game.

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How much fiber should I have in my daily diet, and what are the five best sources?

If I have a regular Pap test, do I also need an HPV test? I thought the Pap test covered HPV.